To eliminate cancer
To decrease the tragedies caused by cancer

The “Kiyoko Goto and Paul Bourdarie Cancer Foundation” was originally born of the deep and boundless affection between Kiyoko (a Japanese lady) and Paul (a French gentleman), and was formally established in March 2012. This Foundation is a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation certified by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. Our mission is the elimination of all forms of cancer, and our major activity is to award prizes to Japanese scientists/doctors who have published excellent cancer research papers.

In order to pursue our mission and to continue enhancing our activities, we sincerely request monetary contributions from people like you. Your money will serve to support cancer treatment and preventive measures. For those who make donations to the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, there are special tax benefits in the Japanese taxation system.

We deeply appreciate the support that you have provided. At the same time, we thank you for ongoing understanding and for support of our efforts.

Yasuhiro Fukui
Representative Director
Kiyoko Goto and Paul Bourdarie Cancer Foundation
(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)

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